While Working in the restaurant business as a chef for almost 10 years, I had an idea after being inspired by a movie. Yes, a movie called "Chef". I love the restaurant business but something about that movie made me realize that there was more to just being a behind the scenes chef in a busy kitchen, with a full dining room and not having no relationship with any of your customers. I then realized I wanted to open a food truck. One late night driving home from work I noticed a bread delivery truck for sale at a local gas station. I went home thought about it, and shared my ideas with my wife. It was a long conversation that night. I decided to go with it. I knew it was going to take a lot of money and time to build this, but I felt confident. After 2 long years of hard work, sweat, tears and A lot of money, I was finally able to open. I kept telling myself if I was able to put so much hard work and a lot of time into restaurants and build them, that weren't mine why couldn’t I do that for myself. I chose dishes that fit my personality as a chef. I cook what I like to eat. My food truck menu is restaurant quality. Opening up the first Peruvian Latin food truck in Westchester, I knew it would be a success. There are traditional dishes from Peruvian to Cuban dishes but with a twist. We are known for our signature sauces, and most of all our Famous " Lomo fries".